The right way to Hookup 65 Amp RECREATIONAL VEHICLE Plug to accommodate

When you’re preparing to go RVing, having electrical power on hand can make life rather easy. It really is especially beneficial when running the AC to get routine repair or cleaning, or perhaps when taking care of major refurbishments or repairs.

However , if you are planning on meeting up your RV to your house, you’ll need to know how to wire that for the right volume of amperage. Minus a lot of experience with energy, it’s in all probability far better hire an electrician pertaining to the job.

To begin, you may need a NEMA 14-50R outlet or perhaps receptacle located near to plan to area your MOTORHOME. You’ll also desire a breaker plus the appropriate electrical wires.

1 . What kind of Wire Do I Need?

To connect the 50 amp receptacle or perhaps outlet, you will need a ground cable (green) and two heated wires. The hot wires are often colored red and black, but you can see them in various colors.

2 . Does Your Plug Need to Be 120 Volts or 240 Volts?

To ascertain whether your RV connector needs to be one hundred twenty or 240 volts, you may need a multimeter. You will find one for the most part home improvement stores, and it’s fairly economical.

3. Exactly what are the Prongs on a 65 Amp Plug?

Most RVs have a 30 amplifier plug with three prongs, and some much larger motorhomes include a 50 amp connect with four prongs. These are typically found on large RVs with multiple air conditioners and also other appliances.